Social Responsibility

QIBR Sustainable development and social responsibility

QIBR does not only focus on improving the efficiency and profitability of our customers, but we are also striving to participate in social progress and environmental protection.

Social Responsibility

Education Field

QIBR actively cooperates with local universities to provide internships and employment opportunities for students in the field of bearing and materials science, and to share our bearing experience and customer usage data with university research institutes to develop and improve cost-effective bearings together.

  • Research with universities
  • Internships and employment opportunities
  • Desensitized data sharing
Social Responsibility

Employment Field

QIBR has solved the employment of more than 200 local people, provided comprehensive social and medical insurances, actively participated in local taxation, and made its own contribution to the development of the city.

  • Provide fair employment opportunities
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Ensure driving social equality and improvements
Social Responsibility

Ecological Environment Field

QIBR complies with national environmental protection standards, adopts advanced equipment and noise reduction technology, and greatly reduces emissions of waste gas and wastes, and controls noise within a reasonable range of residents.

  • Adopts advanced equipment
  • Clean energy from solar panels
  • Promote recycling of materials and office supplies
Social Responsibility

Production and R&D

Close to 2018, QIBR has master 6000 new bearing products, acquire 27 patents and certifications, and own 13 Ph. D. and graduate students as R & D personnel. QIBR insists on cooperation with top bearing research institutes. By using ISO9000 international standards to optimize its management, QIBR promote company to further internationalization.

  • Continuous investment in R&D
  • Cooperation with top bearing research institutes
  • Optimize management by ISO9000
Social Responsibility

Public Service activities

"Through our 'Love Donation' program, let's contribute to those in need, bringing warmth and hope to their lives. Let's join hands together and make a difference, contributing to the development of society!"

  • Environmental Volunteer Action
  • Elderly Care Compassion Program
  • Learning Resources Donation Initiative