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keep rotating, keep quiet, keep moving

since 2002


keep rotating, keep quiet, keep moving

since 2002

The QIBR deep groove ball bearings correspond to the internationally high level of noise and vibration level of the ZV4. Suitable for working conditions with extreme demanding for vibration and noise.



industrial center

QIBR Bearing Company is located in Luoyang City . It is the research base and production center for high-end bearings and special bearings in China, with complete bearing industry chain.QIBR has the ability to provide various types of high quality bearings and non-standard customized bearings to our customers with competitive prices.


production equipment

QIBR has the world's most advanced heat treatment equipment. We are the only factory in China that owns this equipment. As we all know, the heat treatment process is a key process for producing a Bearing and it builds the foundation of the bearing. QIRB has the most advanced production capabilities to achieve a full range of quality and precision control.


technical team

With a professional technical team, we can effectively solve the technical problems of customers. QIBR company has after-sales team for spindle bearing maintenance, and a number of very experienced international logistics planners, practical help customers save costs and quickly reach their destination.


high quality steel

QIBR Bearing Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in cooperating with large domestic steel mills, to help us ensure the quality of material. Large state-owned steel companies like: Xining Special Steel, Shanghai Baosteel, Shijiazhuang shisteel, Xingcheng Special Steel , Dalian Special Steel, Wuhan Iron and steel, and others.....


about us

QIBR's range of bearing products is divided into eight separate categories, over 6,000 different types, the outer diameter ranging from 8mm to a maximum 8 meters. As a large Chinese bearing manufacturer, QIBR pays more attention to the quality of our products, and acquire certificates ISO9001, ISO 14001, CE and SGS. A variety of bearing grades include grade P2 can be produced in QIBR, with a weight/ outer diameter range from 8mm/ 25.4g to a maximum 8 meters/ 20 metric tons. Some of bearings are consist of up to 1,200 separate assemblies.

As a bearing factory with advanced equipment, we are able to provide all kinds of high quality and non-standard custom bearings, at the same time, provide competitive price.

With more than 20 years experience of bearings manufacturing and sales, the skills and acknowledge help us better understand the needs of your industry.

We have high-quality products, strong technical team, reasonable price, in time delivery, professional real-time communication, I believe it will be full of pleasure in every cooperation with us !

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There are a wide variety of bearings and a wide variety of types. There are ultra-small products of a few millimeters, and large products of more than 10 meters.To select bearings suitable for different machinery from these many varieties, the following t


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In order to maintain the original performance of the bearings in good condition for as long as possible, maintenance and overhaul are required to prevent accidents before they occur, to ensure reliability of operation and to improve productivity and econo


How to overhaul bearings


Cleaning of bearings: When dismantling the bearings for overhaul, first record the appearance of the bearings, confirm the residual amount of lubricant, and wash the bearings after taking samples of the lubricant used for inspection. As a cleaning agent,


Precautions for the use of bearings


Rolling bearings are precision components and their use must be carried out with corresponding care. No matter how high performance a bearing is used, if it is not used properly, the expected high performance will not be achieved.Precautions concerning th


Detailed introduction of heating installation of rolling bearings


The correct installation of the bearing plays a vital role in the service life of the bearing.In the installation, the process of heating the inner ring of the bearing on the bearing block of the rotating shaft is usually used for installation, which is t


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