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Rolling mill bearings


  • Standards:GOST/ASTM/GB
  • Inner diameter (ID):35mm-200mm
  • Outer diameter (OD):80mm-320mm
  • Weight:3.6kg-15kg
  • Structures:outer ring, inner ring and cage
  • Applications:Cold rolling mill、Strip rolling mill、Seamless tube rolling mill

  • QIBR Model Selection
  • QIBR Customized Bearing
  • QIBR Process Control
  • QIBR Sort and Grade


Bearing Model








N 140-106

200 320 48 15


7226 PD-9/6B

130 230 80 14.5


N 128-107

140 220 36 5.3


7224 PD-9/6B

120 215 80 12.4


N 1024

120 180 28 2.8


N 126 KC10/7

130 200 33 3.6


N 126 KC11/8

130 200 33 3.6


N 312 C4/2

60 130 31 1.9


N 312 C5/3

60 130 31 1.9


7310 PD7/5B

50 110 54 2.5


309 RD9/6B

45 100 50 1.9


309S 34/26

45 100 25 1


7208 PD5/4F

40 80 36 0.8


7309 PD7/5F

40 100 50 2.1



50 120 49.213 2.8


7310 PD8S

50 110 54 2.5



170 265 42 8.3


134 KS

170 260 42 8.4


N 228

140 250 42 8.7


6228 140 250 42 9.1


9128 KS2

140 210 33 4.1


7334 PD-1B

170 360 144 72


N 126 KC9/6

130 200 33 3.6


NR126 KC6/4

130 200 46 5.1


NR312 KC11/7

60 130 46 3


NU 1211 C

50 100 27 0.9


7311 PD6/3B

55 120 58 3.2


7307 PD8/4F

35 80 42 1


7126 KRD4/2S

130 200 33 3.8


QIBR mill bearing are mainly used in rolling mill equipment for a variety of rolling bearings, mainly for the rolling industry, namely rolling of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metal products. It is used for rolling bearings at the roll and drum.

Raw material

QIBR precision anti-friction bearings are usually made of chrome steel, which consist of about 1% carbon, 1.5% chromium and a small amount of manganese, silicon, and sometimes a small amount of molybdenum.

QIBR offers you a wide range of material options such as GCr15, 100Cr6, SKF 3, SUJ-2 etc. At the same time, some models of QIBR are available in stainless steel.

The rolling element can be ceramic ball (silicon nitride). Due to ceramic is kind of special material, the ceramic ball bearing has advantages of higher rotation speed, good self-lubricating property, and the rigidity is 15%-20% higher than the general bearing, and better high temperature resistance.

Bearing cage

The high-quality cage used by QIBR bearings ensure that the rollers and balls are evenly distributed in the bearing rings and can be rotated properly.

The cage is divided into stamped cage, brass solid cage, reinforced nylon 66 etc. Bearing cages that operate under high temperature or harsh conditions are recommended to use steel cages or brass solid cages. QIBR offers a wide range of advice and options depending on the operating conditions.

Type of lubrication

Lubricating oil is the basic lubricant for ball bearings. Previously most of the lubricating oil was extracted from petroleum. Synthetic oils are now acceptable due to improved performance, such as two lipid synthetic oils, silicones and fluorocarbon synthetic oils. In general, lipid synthetic oils have better low temperature properties, lower volatility, and better temperature characteristics and viscosity compared than petroleum refined oils. Essentially all lubricants contain additives to inhibit chemical changes, prevent metal corrosion, and improve physical properties (antifoam, etc.).

The silicone and fluorocarbon synthetic oils that adopted by QIBR have lower volatility and wider temperature/viscosity characteristics.

Radial clearance

The radial clearance is the gap between the steel ball and the ring. QIBR are able to tailor to you based on temperature conditions, interference fit, and misalignment of the bearing axis, required noise level and speed.

Service life and the rated load

The bearing life is the number of bearing rotations before the fatigue occurs on the ring or any rolling element (or the rotation time at a constant speed). However, the same set of bearings will not necessarily have the same life under the same conditions. In this case, the rated life is the number of rotations that 90% of the bearings in this group can reach or exceed before bearing weariness (or the rotation time at a constant speed). The service life of QIBR series bearings are 5%-8% longer than other bearings of the same model, through strict production process, high standard material selection, precision control.

Conversion table of bearing ball material
Bearing steel ball material comparison table
GB (China) Gcr15 GCr15SiMn
ASTM/AISI (USA) 52100 *
ГОСТ(Russia) ШX15 ШX15CГ
BS (UK) 534A99 *
JIS (Japan) SUJ2 SUJ3
NF (France) 100C6 100CrMn6
VDEh (Germany) 100Cr6 (1.3505) 1.352
Level of rollers G1, G1A, G2, G2A, G3, G5

Rolling mill bearing products commonly includes deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, four-row cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and split bearings.

Single row tapered roller bearing

back-to-back double row tapered roller bearing

Face-to-face double row tapered roller bearing

Four row tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearing with snap ring at outer ring

Double row tapered roller bearing with sealing structure

Full complement cylindrical roller bearing with seal at single side

Four row cylindrical roller bearing

Enhanced cylindrical roller bearing

C type spherical roller bearing

CA type spherical roller bearing

Three-point contact ball bearing

four-point contact ball bearing

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