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Needle roller bearing


  • Standards:GOST/ASTM/GB
  • Inner diameter (ID):5mm-900mm
  • Outer diameter (OD):30mm-1500mm
  • Weight:0.005kg - 820kg
  • Structures:outer ring, inner ring, roller, and cage
  • Applications:transmissions for automobiles, harvesters, agricultural machinery, rolling mills, cranes and machine tools etc.

  • QIBR Model Selection
  • QIBR Customized Bearing
  • QIBR Process Control
  • QIBR Sort and Grade
Bearing Type Dimensions, mm ( d*D*B)
New Code Old Code
NA602X3   15*33*12
RNA602A 6634102 20*32*30
NAP4202X1WB 374702 15*40*20
57049/16 704702 16.3*30*21
KNL20*30.02*18 64704 20*30*18
RNA6903X2A 634704 22*30*30
58049/22 804704 22*35*26.5
RNA6905X2A 634705 32*45*30
58049/25-FS 804705 25*39*28
58049/25/YA 804705K 25*39*32.6
58049/25/YA1 804705K1 25*39*32.6
58049/25/YA2 804705K2 25*39*32.6
58049/25/C9YA 804705KU 25*39*32.6
KNL29.975*42*44.1 64706 29.975*42*44.1
RNA6/28A 624706 32*42*20
RNAP607/P5 D654706 35*60*34
RNAL607   47.55*70.64*27
  54707 35*58*22
  54708 40*66*22
  74708 40*65*22
NAOV40*66*22 174708 40*66*22
NA4908X1A 524708 40*65*22
NA6008X3APR 944708 40*72*46
RNAOL609ZW 294709 45*100*105
58049/45 804709 45*62*34.4
58049/45-RS 804709K 45*62*36.5
  74710 50*90*35
604910/S0YA3 604710T 51.5*83*73.5
604910 604710Y 51.5*83*73.5
NA611A 524711 55*85*25
RNA6/48A/P4 C624711 55*68*25
NAUL612WB 404712 60*120*58
NAUL612WB JT404712 60*120*58
604912/S0YA3 604712T 60.5*95*81
604912 604712Y 60.5*95*81
604912/S0YA3 604714T 70*110*89
604914 604714Y 70*110*89
RNAV6814X2/YA 784714 70*90*97
  804714 70*100*68
604915/S0YA3 604715T 76.25*120*88
604915/S0 604715KT 76.25*120*95
604917/S0YA3 604716T 80.2*124*96
604916 604716Y 80.2*124*96
604917/S0YA3 604717T 86.8*130*103
604917 604717Y 86.8*130*103
NAV 620 74720 100*135*40
NAL4120M/C9YA 4014720H 100*165*65
604922/S0YA3 604722T 109.7*164*105
NAVP6926X2R 884726 130*180*115
  254735Q 177*224*161
NAOL644 4744 220*380*175
NAOL648 4748 240*380*100
NAOL4148 4004748 240*400*160
NAV664/C9S0 74764UT1 320*410*75
NAOL671 4771 355*470*110
NAOL3876X1 4776 380*485*75
K82.5*92*38   82.5*92*38
K88.8*101.5*38   88.8*101.5*38
KNL130*138*25/P5 D9247/130 130*138*25
KNL19.05*31.775*34 64804 19.05*31.775*34
RNAP6/26/P5 D654804 26*60*34
KNL25*38*24.7JR 64805 25*38*24.7
NAV609/YA1 74809K 45*72*18
NAVP4010/X2 54810 50*80*28
NAV611/YA1 74811K 55*85*20
NA4824A 4524824 120*150*30
NA4828A 4524828 140*175*35
NA4828A/P5 D4524828 140*175*35
NA4834A 4524834 170*215*45
  4G154836H 180*280*219
  4E154836H 180*280*219
NA4836A 4524836 180*225*45
NA4844A 4524844 220*270*50
NA4852A 4524852 260*320*60
NA4856A 4524856 280*350*69
NA4856   280*350*69
NA4860   300*380*80
NA4864   320*400*80
NA4868   340*420*80
NAV48/500 40748/500 500*620*118
NAOL38/850 32048/850 850*1030*136
NAV28/1400 20748/1400 1400*1700*175
NA4901A 4524901 12*24*13
57049/15 704902 15.2*28*19
58049/14-FS 804902 14*24*16.6
58049/14 804902K 14*24*16.6
KNL19.051*28.588*36.75 64903 19.051*28.588*36.75
KNL19.051*28.588*43.25 64904 19.051*28.588*43.25
KNL20.612*33.325*35 64904K 20.612*33.325*35
RNAP4005X3 654904 30*46*23
NA4909A/YA2 4524904K 20*37*17
RNA4904A 4624904 25*37*17
RNA6904A 6634904 25*37*30
KNL25.4*41.288*60.4 64905 25.4*41.288*60.4
RNA4905/YA 984905 24*37*32
NA4905A 4524905 25*42*17
RNA4905A 4624905 30*42*17
NA6905A 6534905 25*42*30
NA6905A/P5 D6534905 25*42*30
RNA6905A 6634905 30*42*30
KNL27.718*42.825*44.1 64906 27.71*42.825*44.1
604906 604906 32*52*47
RNA69/28A 634906 32*45*30
KNL31.675*46.81*44.1 64906K 31.675*46.81*44.1
RNAV606 84906 32*45*32
58049/34 804906 33.65*50*34.4
NA4906A 4524906 30*47*17
RNA4906A 4624906 35*47*17
NA6906A 6534906 30*47*30
NA6906A/P6 E6534906 30*47*30
NA6906A/P6C9 E6534906U 30*47*30
NA6906A/P5C9 D6534906U 30*47*30
RNA6906A 6634906 35*47*30
NKLA606/P4 C5964906 30*47*25
KNL32*52.012*49 64907 32*52.012*49
58049/34X2 804907 33.65*50*28.4
NA4907A 4524907 35*55*20
RNA4907A 4624907 42*55*20
RNA4907A/P6 E4624907 42*55*20
RNA4907A/P5 D4624907 42*55*20
  4624907Y 42*55*20
NA6907A 6534907 35*55*36
RNA6907A 6634907 42*55*36
NA4908A 4524908 40*62*22
RNA4908A 4624908 48*62*22
NA6908A/P4 C6534908 40*62*40
604909/YA3 604909K 45.8*74*65
NA4909A 4524909 45*68*22
RNA4909A 4624909 52*68*22
NA6909A 6534909 45*68*40
RNA4909A 6634909 52*68*40
NA4910A 4524910 50*72*22
RNA4910A 4624910 58*72*22
NA6910A.R200.250.S3   50*72*40
NA6910A 6534910 50*72*40
RNA4910A 6634910 58*72*40
KNL52.412*71.425*43.3 64911 52.412*71.425*43.3
RNAL4211X1A 134911 54*80*40
NA4912A 4524912 60*85*25
NK70/25/YA 4844912 70*85*25
NK70/25/P5YA D4844912 70*85*25
RNAOV4913X3 184913 64*80.5*20
NA4913A 4524913 65*90*25
RNA4913A 4624913 72*90*25
NA4914A 4524914 70*100*30
RNA4914A 4624914 80*100*30
NA6915A.R200.250.S3   75*105*54
RNAOV3916X3 184916 77.8*96.8*22
RNAL6/78ZWA 494916 78*180*205
NA4916A/P5 D4524916 80*110*30
NA6916A 6534916 80*110*54
RNA6916A 6634916 90*110*54
NA4917A 4524917 85*120*35
RNA4917A 4624917 100*120*35
NA4918A/P5C9 D4524918U 90*125*35
604920 604920 100*154*111
NAV4920 4074920 100*140*40
604922 604922 109.7*164*113
NA4922A 4524922 110*150*40
NA4922A/P5 D4524922 110*150*40
NAOL6/113ZW 194923 113*165.12*153
NA4924A/P5C9 D4524924U 120*165*45
NAV4926 4074926 130*180*50
NA4922A/S1 4074926T2 130*180*50
RNAV4926 4084926 151.5*180*50
NAV4930 4074930 150*210*60
NAL635ZW/P6 E354935Q 175*245*160
  254936Q 177.8*257.175*196.85
  E254936H 177.8*257.175*196.85
NAV3940 3074940 200*280*60
NAL6/206.375M/C4YA2 4G254941HK 206.375*285.75*222.25
NAO649 524949 245*280*36
NAOL6/282WBJR 414956 282*334*118
NAV3956 3074956 280*380*75
  304971 354*446*100
NAOL690 4990 450*590*100
NAL6034ZW/C6 6G3-459 170*260*195
NAL6038ZW/C6 6G3-460 180*280*215
NAL6038ZW/P67 7E3-460 180*280*215
NAOL623ZWKWC/P5 D3-466 115*185*130
  3-473 140*203*76
  3-474 203*283*76
604938/YA 3-475 188.8*260*195
604932/YA 3-476 158*230*170
NAL6/170 3-477  
  E3-478 101.6*127*50.8
  E3-479 139.7*177.8*76.2
  E3-480 152.4*190.5*76.2
  E3-481 114.3*152.4*63.5
  E3S-405 88.9*127*50.8
  E3S-406 165.1*203.2*88.9
LY-Z006   19.2*40*20
LY-Z007   45*88.4*57
NAKD40V   M18*40*20/58
NAKD47V   M20*47*24/66.1
NAKD80V   M30*80*35/100

Needle roller bearing is special type of cylindrical roller bearing. The rolling elements of QIBR needle roller bearings are long cylindrical roller bearings with small diameters (the ratio of diameter to length of the rollers is between 1:2.5 and 1:10). With flat or light rounding ends, the radial section size is small. Needle roller bearings have high radial load carrying capacity and good bearing rigidity. It is especially suitable for use in applications where radial mounting dimensions are limited. Needle roller bearings can only withstand pure radial loads and cannot limit the axial displacement of the shaft and housing.

Needle roller bearings generally consist of outer ring, inner ring, roller, and cage. But some structures do not have cage, some have no inner ring, some have no outer ring, but only the needle roller and cage assembly.

The outer dimensions of QIBR needle roller bearings conform to GB/T273.3 "Genera plan for the outer dimensions of rolling bearing radial bearing", GB/T290 "Dimensions of rolling bearing crushing outer ring needle roller bearings", JB/T7918"Rolling bearings radial needles and cage assembly", JB/T 3588 "Dimensions and tolerances of rolling bearing full complement needle roller bearing ", JB/T3370 "Rolling bearing universal joint cylindrical roller bearing" and other regulations.

The tolerance of QIBR standard needle roller bearings meets the requirements of GB/T307.1 "Tolerance of rolling bearing radial bearing" and other standards. The clearance of QIBR standard needle roller bearings are divided into two types, bearings with inner and outer rings meet the requirements of GB/T4604 "radial clearance of rolling bearings". The clearance of bearings without inner/outer ring or with only one ring is the diameter tolerance of the matching shaft diameter or the bearing housing bore.

The dimensional tolerance grade of QIBR needle roller bearings is generally made according to P0 (normal grade) and clearance according to group 0 (basic group). If customers have other special requirements (including non-standard) for size, tolerance and clearance, QIBR are able to provide the corresponding product.

QIBR non-standard customized cylindrical roller bearing (Introduction of non-standard products)

Non-standard cylindrical roller bearing customization is a main part of QIBR categories. It can be customized according to the customer's working conditions or the place where the bearing works. Internally we can optimize and improve the design of the cylindrical roller bearing, which can improve the loading capacity and service life of bearing. QIBR can also provide needle roller bearings with a curvature of the raceway, as shown below. It is also possible to newly design needle roller bearings or long cylindrical roller bearings with individual customer requirements.

Needle bearing with arcing raceway can also be made into a needle bearing with a sealed structure, and the outer diameter can also be made into a needle bearing with a stopping groove according to customer needs.

Raw material

QIBR precision anti-friction bearings are usually made of chrome steel, which consist of about 1% carbon, 1.5% chromium and a small amount of manganese, silicon, and sometimes a small amount of molybdenum.

QIBR offers you a wide range of material options such as GCr15, 100Cr6, SKF 3, SUJ-2 etc. At the same time, some models of QIBR are available in stainless steel.

The rolling element can be ceramic ball (silicon nitride). Due to ceramic is kind of special material, the ceramic ball bearing has advantages of higher rotation speed, good self-lubricating property, and the rigidity is 15%-20% higher than the general bearing, and better high temperature resistance.

Bearing cage

The high-quality cage used by QIBR bearings ensure that the rollers and balls are evenly distributed in the bearing rings and can be rotated properly.

The cage is divided into stamped cage, brass solid cage, reinforced nylon 66 etc. Bearing cages that operate under high temperature or harsh conditions are recommended to use steel cages or brass solid cages, four-row cylindrical roller bearing is recommended to use brass solid cages. QIBR offers a wide range of advice and options depending on the operating conditions.

Type of lubrication

Lubricating oil is the basic lubricant for ball bearings. Previously most of the lubricating oil was extracted from petroleum. Synthetic oils are now acceptable due to improved performance, such as two lipid synthetic oils, silicones and fluorocarbon synthetic oils. In general, lipid synthetic oils have better low temperature properties, lower volatility, and better temperature characteristics and viscosity compared than petroleum refined oils. Essentially all lubricants contain additives to inhibit chemical changes, prevent metal corrosion, and improve physical properties (antifoam, etc.).

The silicone and fluorocarbon synthetic oils that adopted by QIBR have lower volatility and wider temperature/viscosity characteristics.

Radial clearance

The radial clearance is the gap between the steel ball and the ring. QIBR are able to tailored to you based on temperature conditions, interference fit, misalignment of the bearing axis, required noise level and speed.

Service life and the rated load

The bearing life is the number of bearing rotations before the fatigue occurs on the ring or any rolling element (or the rotation time at a constant speed). However, the same set of bearings will not necessarily have the same life under the same conditions. In this case, the rated life is the number of rotations that 90% of the bearings in this group can reach or exceed before bearing weariness (or the rotation time at a constant speed). The service life of QIBR series bearings are 5%-8% longer than other bearings of the same model, through strict production process, high standard material selection, precision control.

Conversion table of bearing ball material
Bearing steel ball material comparison table    
GB (China) Gcr15 GCr15SiMn
ASTM/AISI (USA) 52100 *
ГОСТ(Russia) ШX15 ШX15CГ
BS (UK) 534A99 *
JIS (Japan) SUJ2 SUJ3
NF (France) 100C6 100CrMn6
VDEh (Germany) 100Cr6 (1.3505) 1.352
Level of rollers G1, G1A, G2, G2A, G3, G5
Precision Level
GOST Class 0 Class 6 Class 5 Class 4 Class 2
ISO P0 P6 P5 P4 P2

The classification of needle roller bearings

The QIBR standard needle roller bearings are ribs or elastic steel rings on both sides of the outer ring, and the inner ring has no ribs. This type is NA type, there are single row and double row needle roller bearings, and the type without inner ring is RNA type needle roller bearing. The needle roller bearings without cages are of the NAV type and the RNAV type, and both the inner and outer rings without the ribs are of the NAO type. There are K types that without outer rings and inner rings, only the needle rollers and the cage assembly.

NA type needle roller bearing

RAN type needle roller bearing (without inner rings)

NAV type needle roller bearing (without cage)

RNAV type needle roller bearing (without inner rings and cage)

Double row NA type needle roller bearing

NAO type needle roller bearing

K type needle roller bearing

NA, RNA type are needle roller bearings with double ribs on outer ring (or rigid ring) and with cage, high limiting speed, divided into single row and double row. If the shaft cannot be used as a raceway, that is, if it is impossible or uneconomical to harden the shaft, such a needle bearing with inner ring can be used. Suitable for applications requests high speed.

The bearing capacity of NAV, RNAV and NAO needle bearings are greater than NA and RNA type bearings, but the speed performance is lower than NA and RAN type bearings. It is suitable for conditions of low-speed and high loading capacity.

Because there is no inner and outer rings for K-type needle roller bearings, the surface of the shaft and the inner surface of the bearing housing has to work as a raceway, so it request high accuracy of dimensions and shape to the surface of the shaft and the inner surface of the bearing housing, the advantages is space saving.

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