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Ball screw rod bearing


  • Standards:GOST/ASTM/GB
  • Structures:screw rod, nut, reversing device and balls.
  • Applications:all kinds of industrial equipment and precision instrument.

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Load Ca (N) Rotation Stiffness (DB,DF) (N) Rigidity(DB,DF) N.W(KG) TIMKEN BARDEN FAG NSK NTN RHP SKF
Lub. Oil.
23.0 6.900 9.200 1.450 630 0.9              
23.0 6.900 9.200 1.450 630 0.9 MM17BS47     17TAC47 C10 BST17X47-1B BSB 017047  
23.0 6.900 9.200 1.450 630 0.9 MM20BS47 BSB2047 BSB020047-TVP 20TAC47 C10 BST20X47-1B BSB 020047 BSD 2047 C
29.9 5.200 6.900 2.280 850 0.15 MM25BS62 BSB2562  
25TAC62 C10  
BSB 025062 BSD 2562 C
30.5 4.900 6.400 2.400 890 0.16 MM30BS62 BSB3062
30TAC62 C10 BST30X62-1B BSB 030062 BSD 3062 C
32.5 4,100 5,800 2,750 1,030 0.18 MM35BS72 BSB3572 BSB030572-TVP 35TAC72 C10 BST35X72-1B BSB 035072 BSD 3572 C
33.5 4,100 5,500 2,860 1,080 0.19 MM40BS72 BSB4072 BSB040072-TVP 40TAC72 C10 BST40X72-1B BSB 040072 BSD 4072 C
62.0 3,500 4,600 3,450 1,150 0.29 MM40BS90-23   7603040-TVP       BSA 308 C
34.5 3,700 4,900 3,100 1,170 0.2 MM45BS75   BSB045075-TVP 45TAC75 C10 BST45X75-1B BSB 045075 BSD 4575 C
64.5 3,000 4,100 4,440 1,340 0.4 MM45BS100    
45TAC100 C10 BST45X100-1B BSB 045100 BSD 45100 C
66.0 3,000 3,900 4,650 1,410 0.42 MM50BS100   BSB050100-TVP 50TAC100 C10 BST50X100-1B BSB 050100  
BSD 50100 C
66.0 3,000 3,900 4,650 1,410 0.42              
70.5 2,500 3,500 5,450 1,660 0.49 MM55BS120   BSB055120-TVP 55TAC120 C10 BST55X120-1B BSB 055120  
BSD 55120 C
70.5 2,500 3,500 5,450 1,660 0.49 MM60BS120   BSB060120-TVP 60TAC120 C10 BST60X120-1B BSB 060120 BSD 60120 C

The QIBR ball screw rod bearing is an ideal product used to convert rotary motion to linear motion or convert linear motion to rotary motion. The ball screw rod bearing consists of screw rod, nut, reversing device and balls. The function of the ball screw rod is to convert rotary motion to linear motion or to convert torque to an axial repetitive force, which has characteristics of high-precision, reversibility and high-efficiency. It is mainly applied to angular contact ball bearing, double opposite angle contact ball bearings and installed are with face to face position.

With characteristics of high-precision, reversibility and high-efficiency, ball screw rod is a further extension and development of ladder screw rod. The important meaning of the development is to convert the ladder sliding motion to rotary motion. With characteristics of little frictional resistance, the ball screw rod bearing is commonly used at all kinds of industrial equipment and precision instrument.

Raw material

QIBR precision anti-friction bearings are usually made of chrome steel, which consist of about 1% carbon, 1.5% chromium and a small amount of manganese, silicon, and sometimes a small amount of molybdenum.

QIBR offers you a wide range of material options such as GCr15, 100Cr6, SKF 3, SUJ-2 etc. At the same time, some models of QIBR are available in stainless steel.

The rolling element can be ceramic ball (silicon nitride). Due to ceramic is kind of special material, the ceramic ball bearing has advantages of higher rotation speed, good self-lubricating property, and the rigidity is 15%-20% higher than the general bearing, and better high temperature resistance.

Bearing cage

The high-quality cage used by QIBR bearings ensure that the balls are evenly distributed in the bearing rings and can be rotated properly.

The cage has stamped steel wave type, stamped steel rivet type, nylon or phenolic plastic.

QIBR offers a wide range of advice and options depending on the operating conditions.


In order to prevent contaminants from entering the inside of the bearing, QIBR uses a metal dust cover or a rubber seal with a metal skeleton.

QIBR are able to choose two types as a combination seals according to your working conditions, or choose different kinds of seal materials, such as nitrile rubber BUNA, acrylic rubber HYCAR, fluoro rubber VITON.

Type of lubrication

Lubricating oil is the basic lubricant for ball bearings. Previously most of the lubricating oil was extracted from petroleum. Synthetic oils are now acceptable due to improved performance, such as two lipid synthetic oils, silicones and fluorocarbon synthetic oils. In general, lipid synthetic oils have better low temperature properties, lower volatility, and better temperature characteristics and viscosity compared than petroleum refined oils. Essentially all lubricants contain additives to inhibit chemical changes, prevent metal corrosion, and improve physical properties (antifoam, etc.).

The silicone and fluorocarbon synthetic oils that adopted by QIBR have lower volatility and wider temperature/viscosity characteristics.

Radial clearance

The radial clearance is the gap between the steel ball and the ring. QIBR is precisely tailored to customer's temperature conditions, interference fit, misalignment of the bearing's axis, required noise level and speed.

Service life and the rated load

The bearing life is the number of bearing rotations before the fatigue occurs on the ring or any rolling element (or the rotation time at a constant speed). However, the same set of bearings will not necessarily have the same life under the same conditions. In this case, the rated life is the number of rotations that 90% of the bearings in this group can reach or exceed before bearing weariness (or the rotation time at a constant speed). The service life of QIBR series bearings are 10%-20% longer than other bearings of the same model, through strict production process, high standard material selection, precision control.

The adopted steel balls

The steel balls in the deep groove ball bearings used by QIBR are mainly designed according to the load requirements of the bearing. The bearing ball sizes of different models are different, generally the value of rib coefficient Kd (ditch depth) range 0.35-0.40. , related to bearing diameter, such as 6000 series Kd = 0.35, 6400 series Kd = 0.40; 6200 and 6300 series, d ≤ 25mm take Kd = 0.35, d > 25mm take Kd = 0.40. Groove depth = Kd × steel ball diameter.

Bearing steel ball material comparison table
GB (China) Gcr15 GCr15SiMn
ASTM/AISI (USA) 52100 *
ГОСТ(Russia) ШX15 ШX15CГ
BS (UK) 534A99 *
JIS (Japan) SUJ2 SUJ3
NF (France) 100C6 100CrMn6
VDEh (Germany) 100Cr6 (1.3505) 1.352
Grade of ball

G3, G5, G10, G16, G20, G24, G28, G40, G60, G100, G200

Grade of roller

G1, G1A, G2, G2A, G3, G5

Single-row angular contact bearing

Face-to-face combined angular contact bearing

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