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Angular contact ball bearings


  • Standards:GOST/ASTM/GB
  • Inner diameter:10mm-280mm
  • Outer diameter:20mm-400mm
  • Weight:0.2kg-300kg
  • Common angles:15°, 25° 40°
  • Structures:Outer ring, inner ring, steel balls, seals and grease
  • Applications of Double row bearing:oil pumps, blowers, air compressors, fuel injection pumps, various types of reducers

  • QIBR Model Selection
  • QIBR Customized Bearing
  • QIBR Process Control
  • QIBR Sort and Grade
Bearing Models
New Code Old Code Dimension, mm( d*D*B)
7000C 36100J 10*26*8
7000CTA 36100KJ 10*26*8
7000CETA 36100KJ-SH 10*26*8
7000CETA/P4A   10*26*8
7001C 36101J 12*28*8
7001CTA 36101KJ 12*28*8
7001CETA 36101KJ-SH 12*28*8
7001CETA/P4A   12*28*8
7002C 36102J 15*32*9
7002CTA 36102KJ 15*32*9
7002CETA 36102KJ-SH 15*32*9
7002CETA/P4A   15*32*9
7003C 36103J 17*35*10
7003CTA 36103KJ 17*35*10
7003CETA 36103KJ-SH 17*35*10
7003CETA/P4A   17*35*10
7004C 36104J 20*42*12
7004CTA 36104KJ 20*42*12
7004CETA 36104KJ-SH 20*42*12
7004CETA/P4A   20*42*12
7004ATA 46104KY 20*42*12
7005C 36105J 25*47*12
7005CTA 36105KJ 25*47*12
7005CETA 36105KJ-SH 25*47*12
7005CETA/P4A   25*47*12
7006C 36106J 30*55*13
7006CTA 36106KJ 30*55*13
7006CETA 36106KJ-SH 30*55*13
7006CETA/P4A   30*55*13
7007C 36107J 35*62*14
7007CTA 36107KJ 35*62*14
7007CETA 36107KJ-SH 35*62*14
7007CETA/P4A   35*62*14
7008C 36108J 40*68*15
7008CTA 36108KJ 40*68*15
7008CETA 36108KJ-SH 40*68*15
7008CETA/P4A   40*68*15
7008CL 36108L 40*68*15
7009C 36109J 45*75*16
7009CTA 36109KJ 45*75*16
7009CETA 36109KJ-SH 45*75*16
7009CETA/P4A   45*75*16
7010C 36110J 50*80*16
7010CTA 36110KJ 50*80*16
7010CETA 36110KJ-SH 50*80*16
7010CETA/P4A   50*80*16
7011C 36111J 55*90*18
7011CTA 36111KJ 55*90*18
7011CETA 36111KJ-SH 55*90*18
7011CETA/P4A   55*90*18
7012C 36112J 60*95*18
7012CTA 36112KJ 60*95*18
7012CETA 36112KJ-SH 60*95*18
7012CETA/P4A   60*95*18
7013C 36113J 65*100*18
7013CTA 36113KJ 65*100*18
7013CETA 36113KJ-SH 65*100*18
7013CETA/P4A   65*100*18
7014C 36114J 70*110*20
7014CTA 36114KJ 70*110*20
7014CETA 36114KJ-SH 70*110*20
7014CETA/P4A   70*110*20
7015C 36115J 75*115*20
7015CTA 36115KJ 75*115*20
7015CETA 36115KJ-SH 75*115*20
7015CETA/P4A   75*115*20
7016C 36116J 80*125*22
7016CTA 36116KJ 80*125*22
7016CETA 36116KJ-SH 80*125*22
7016CETA/P4A   80*125*22
7017C 36117J 85*130*22
7017CTA 36117KJ 85*130*22
7017CETA 36117KJ-SH 85*130*22
7017CETA/P4A   85*130*22
7018C 36118J 90*140*24
7018CTA 36118KJ 90*140*24
7018CETA 36118KJ-SH 90*140*24
7018CETA/P4A   90*140*24
7019C 36119J 95*145*24
7019CTA 36119KJ 95*145*24
7019CETA 36119KJ-SH 95*145*24
7019CETA/P4A   95*145*24
7020C 36120J 100*150*24
7020CTA 36120KJ 100*150*24
7020CETA 36120KJ-SH 100*150*24
7020CETA/P4A   100*150*24
7021C 36121J 105*160*26
7021CTA 36121KJ 105*160*26
7021CETA 36121KJ-SH 105*160*26
7021CETA/P4A   105*160*26
7022C 36122J 110*170*28
7022CTA 36122KJ 110*170*28
7022CETA 36122KJ-SH 110*170*28
7022CETA/P4A   110*170*28
7024C 36124J 120*180*28
7024CTA 36124KJ 120*180*28
7024CETA 36124KJ-SH 120*180*28
7024CETA/P4A   120*180*28
7026C 36126J 130*200*33
7026CTA 36126KJ 130*200*33
7026CETA 36126KJ-SH 130*200*33
7026CETA/P4A   130*200*33
7028C 36128J 140*210*33
7028CTA 36128KJ 140*210*33
7028CETA 36128KJ-SH 140*210*33
7028CETA/P4A   140*210*33
7030C 36130J 150*225*35
7030CTA 36130KJ 150*225*35
7030CETA 36130KJ-SH 150*225*35
7030CETA/P4A   150*225*35
7032C 36132J 160*240*38
7032CTA 36132KJ 160*240*38
7032CETA 36132KJ-SH 160*240*38
7032CETA/P4A   160*240*38
7034C 36134J 170*260*42
7034CTA 36134KJ 170*260*42
7034CETA 36134KJ-SH 170*260*42
7034CETA/P4A   170*260*42
7038AC 46138 190*290*46
7040AC 46140 200*310*51
7040ACF3 446138W2  
7040ACN1 46140W2  
7056AC 46156 280*420*65
7200C 36200J 10*30*9
7200CTA 36200KJ 10*30*9
7200CETA 36200KJ-SH 10*30*9
7200CETA/P4A   10*30*9
7201C 36201J 12*32*10
7201CTA 36201KJ 12*32*10
7201CETA 36201KJ-SH 12*32*10
7201CETA/P4A   12*32*10
7202C 36202J 15*35*11
7202CTA 36202KJ 15*35*11
7202CETA 36202KJ-SH 15*35*11
7202CETA/P4A   15*35*11
7203C 36203J 17*40*12
7203CTA 36203KJ 17*40*12
7203CETA 36203KJ-SH 17*40*12
7203CETA/P4A   17*40*12
7204C 36204J 20*47*14
7204CTA 36204KJ 20*47*14
7204CETA 36204KJ-SH 20*47*14
7204CETA/P4A   20*47*14
7205C 36205J 25*52*15
7205CTA 36205KJ 25*52*15
7205CETA 36205KJ-SH 25*52*15
7205CETA/P4A   25*52*15
7206C 36206J 30*62*16
7206CTA 36206KJ 30*62*16
7206CETA 36206KJ-SH 30*62*16
7206CETA/P4A   30*62*16
7206C/Z1 36206JZ1 30*62*16
7207C 36207J 35*72*17
7207CTA 36207KJ 35*72*17
7207CETA 36207KJ-SH 35*72*17
7207CDTA   35*72*17
7207CETA/P4A   35*72*17
7207C/Z1 36207JZ1 35*72*17
7207C/Z2 36207JZ2 35*72*17
7208C 36208J 40*80*18
7208CTA 36208KJ 40*80*18
7208CETA 36208KJ-SH 40*80*18
7208CETA/P4A   40*80*18
7209C 36209J 45*85*19
7209CTA 36209KJ 45*85*19
7209CETA 36209KJ-SH 45*85*19
7209CETA/P4A   45*85*19
7209C/Z1 36209JZ1 45*85*19
7210C 36210J 50*90*20
7210CTA 36210KJ 50*90*20
7210CETA 36210KJ-SH 50*90*20
7210CETA/P4A   50*90*20
7210CL/S0 36210LT 50*90*20
7211C 36211J 55*100*21
7211CTA 36211KJ 55*100*21
7211CETA 36211KJ-SH 55*100*21
7211CETA/P4A   55*100*21
7211C/Z1 36211JZ1 55*100*21
7211C/Z2 36211JZ2 55*100*21
7212C 36212J 60*110*22
7212CTA 36212KJ 60*110*22
7212CETA 36212KJ-SH 60*110*22
7212CETA/P4A   60*110*22
7212C/Z1 36212JZ1 60*110*22
7212C/Z2 36212JZ2 60*110*22
7213C 36213J 65*120*23
7213CTA 36213KJ 65*120*23
7213CETA 36213KJ-SH 65*120*23
7213CETA/P4A   65*120*23
7214C 36214J 70*125*24
7214CTA 36214KJ 70*125*24
7214CETA 36214KJ-SH 70*125*24
7214CETA/P4A   70*125*24
7214CL 36214L 70*125*24
7215C 36215J 75*130*25
7215CTA 36215KJ 75*130*25
7215CETA 36215KJ-SH 75*130*25
7215CETA/P4A   75*130*25
7216C 36216J 80*140*26
7216CTA 36216KJ 80*140*26
7216CETA 36216KJ-SH 80*140*26
7216CETA/P4A   80*140*26
7216C/Z1 36216JZ1 80*140*26
7216C/Z2 36216JZ2 80*140*26
7217C 36217J 85*150*28
7217CTA 36217KJ 85*150*28
7217CETA 36217KJ-SH 85*150*28
7217CETA/P4A   85*150*28
7218C 36218J 90*160*30
7218CTA 36218KJ 90*160*30
7218CETA 36218KJ-SH 90*160*30
7218CETA/P4A   90*160*30
7219C 36219J 95*170*32
7219CTA 36219KJ 95*170*32
7219CETA 36219KJ-SH 95*170*32
7219CCTA   95*170*32
7219CETA/P4A   95*170*32
7220C 36220J 100*180*34
7220CTA 36220KJ 100*180*34
7220CETA 36220KJ-SH 100*180*34
7220CETA/P4A   100*180*34
7221C 36221J 105*190*36
7221CTA 36221KJ 105*190*36
7221CETA 36221KJ-SH 105*190*36
7221CCTA   105*190*36
7221CETA/P4A   105*190*36
7222C 36222J 110*200*38
7222CTA 36222KJ 110*200*38
7222CETA 36222KJ-SH 110*200*38
7222CETA/P4A   110*200*38
7224C 36224J 120*215*40
7224CTA 36224KJ 120*215*40
7224CETA 36224KJ-SH 120*215*40
7224CCTA   120*215*40
7224CETA/P4A   120*215*40
7226C 36226J 130*230*40
7226CTA 36226KJ 130*230*40
7226CETA 36226KJ-SH 130*230*40
7226CETA/P4A   130*230*40
7228C 36228J 140*250*42
7230C 36230J 150*270*45
7232C 36232J 160*290*48
B7234AC 146234 170*310*52
B7236AC 146236  
7236AC 46236 180*320*52
7240B D46240 200*360*58
  346240 200*360*116
7244AC 46244  
7303C 36303J 17*47*14
7303CTA   17*47*14
7304C 36304J 20*52*15
7305C 36305J 25*62*17
7306C 36306J 30*72*19
7306CTA   30*72*19
7307C 36307J 35*80*21
7308C 36308J 40*90*23
7309C 36309J 45*100*25
7310C 36310J 50*110*27
7311C 36311J 55*120*29
7312C 36312J 60*130*31
7313C 36313J 65*140*33
7314C 36314J 70*150*35
7315C 36315J 75*160*37
7316C 36316J 80*170*39
7317C 36317J 85*180*41
7318C 36318J 90*190*43
7318CLA 36318LA 90*190*43
7319C 36319J 95*200*45
7320C 36320J 100*215*47
7321BM 66321 105*225*49
7322ACM 46322 110*240*50
7322BM 66322K  
7322B 66322 110*240*50
7324B 66324 120*260*55
B7324AC 146324  
7328B 66328 140*300*62
7330B 66330 150*320*65
7330AC 46330K 150*320*65
  346330 150*320*130
7406C 36406J 30*90*23
7407C 36407J 35*100*25
7408C 36408J 40*110*27
7409C 36409J 45*120*29
7410C 36410J 50*130*31
7411C 36411J 55*140*33
7412C 36412J 60*150*35
7413C 36413J 65*170*40
7414C 36414J 70*180*42
7416ACM 46416K 80*200*48
7418ACM   90*225*54
  176738U 190*280*55
  176740U 200*300*58
  366748K 240*370*112
7200BTN 66200A 10*30*9
7201BTN 66201A 12*32*10
7202BTN 66202A 15*35*11
7203BTN 66203A 17*40*12
7204BTN 66204A 20*47*14
7205BTN 66205A 25*52*15
7206BTN 66206A 30*62*16
7207BTN 66207A 35*72*17
7207BM 66207H 35*72*17
7208BTN 66208A 40*80*18
7209BTN 66209A 45*85*19
7209BM 66209H 45*85*19
7210BTN 66210A 50*90*20
7210BM 66210H 50*90*20
7211BTN 66211A 55*100*21
7212BTN 66212A 60*110*22
7212BM 66212H 60*110*22
7212BM/S0 66212HT 60*110*22
7213BTN 66213A 65*120*23
7214BTN 66214A 70*125*24
7215BTN 66215A 75*130*25
7216BTN 66216A 80*140*26
7216BM 66216H 80*140*26
7217BTN 66217A 85*150*28
7217BM 66217H 85*150*28
7217BM/R01 66217HY 85*150*28
7218BTN 66218A 90*160*30
7219BTN 66219A 95*170*32
7220BTN 66220A 100*180*34
7221BTN 66221A 105*190*36
7222BTN 66222A 110*200*38
7224BTN 66224A 120*215*40
7224BTN/P4A   120*215*40
7303BTN 66303A 17*47*14
7304BTN 66304A 20*52*15
7305BTN 66305A 25*62*17
7306BTN 66306A 30*72*19
7307BTN 66307A 35*80*21
7308BTN 66308A 40*90*23
7309BTN 66309A 45*100*25
7309BM 66309H 45*100*25
7310BTN 66310A 50*110*27
7310BM 66310H 50*110*27
7311BTN 66311A 55*120*39
7312BTN 66312A 60*130*31
7312BM 66312H 60*130*31
7313BTN 66313A 65*140*33
7314BTN 66314A 70*150*35
7314BM 66314H 70*150*35
7315BTN 66315A 75*160*37
7316BTN 66316A 80*170*39
7317BTN 66317A 85*180*41
7318BTN 66318A 90*190*43
7319BTN 66319A 95*200*45
70819BV 1426816 80*100*10
708/600AMB/DB WZJ-01 37*63*32
718/900ACF1   380*480*92
718/1180ACF1   600*730*84
71900CTA 1036900K 10*22*6
71901CTA 1036901K 12*24*6
71902CTA 1036902K 15*28*7
71903CTA 1036903K 17*30*7
71904CTA 1036904K 20*37*9
71904CETA 1036904K-SH 20*37*9
71905CTA 1036905K 25*42*9
71906CTA 1036906K 30*47*9
71907CTA 1036907K 35*55*10
71908CTA 1036908K 40*62*12
71909CTA 1036909K 45*68*12
71910CTA 1036910K 50*72*12
71911CTA 1036911K 55*80*13
71912CTA 1036912K 60*85*13
71913CTA 1036913K 65*90*13
71914CTA 1036914K 70*100*16
71915CTA 1036915K 75*105*16
71916CTA 1036916K 80*110*16
71917CTA 1036917K 85*120*18
71918CTA 1036918K 90*125*18
71919CTA 1036919K 95*130*18
71920CTA 1036920K 100*140*20
71921CTA 1036921K 105*145*20
71922CTA 1036922K 100*150*20
71924CTA 1036924K 120*165*22
71926CTA 1036926K 130*180*24
71928CTA 1036928K 140*190*24
71930CTA 1036930K 150*210*28
71932CTA 1036932K 160*220*28
71934CTA 1036934K 170*230*28
71934X1B/DFYA3   1180*1420*106
71936CTA 1036936K 180*250*33
71936X1B/DFYA3   170*229.5*56
71936CM   180*249.5*66
71938CTA 1036938K 190*260*33
71940CTA 1036940K 200*280*38
EN10 6700 10*28*8
EN12 8006201 12*32*7
EN15 8006201 15*35*8
EN17 6703 17*44*10
E10TN   10*28*8
E15TN   15*35*8
  136205QT 25*52*15
  136206QT 30*62*16
  3086304H 20*52*22.2
  3086309H 45*100*39.7
  3286307H 35*80*35

QIBR angular contact ball bearings can support radial and axial composite loads, also bear pure axial loads. They have the traditional advantages of ball bearings that high speed, low noise, etc. The greater the contact angle, the higher ability to withstand axial loads. If the axial load increases, the actual contact angle of the angular contact ball bearing will also increase. Single row angular contact ball bearings can only withstand axial loads in one direction.

Angular contact ball bearing is consist of outer ring, inner ring, steel balls, seals and grease, with features that the contact angle between the line connecting the ball and the raceway contact point and the radial plane vertical to the bearing axis line is generally between 0° and 45°. Common angle is 15°, 25°, 40°. According to the number of rows of the steel balls, bearings are divided into single row angular contact ball bearing, double row angular contact bearing etc.

Raw material

QIBR precision anti-friction bearings are usually made of chrome steel, which consist of about 1% carbon, 1.5% chromium and a small amount of manganese, silicon, and sometimes a small amount of molybdenum.

QIBR offers you a wide range of material options such as GCr15, 100Cr6, SKF 3, SUJ-2 etc. At the same time, some models of QIBR are available in stainless steel.

The rolling element can be ceramic ball (silicon nitride). Due to ceramic is kind of special material, the ceramic ball bearing has advantages of higher rotation speed, good self-lubricating property, and the rigidity is 15%-20% higher than the general bearing, and better high temperature resistance.

Bearing cage

The high-quality cage used by QIBR bearings ensure that the balls are evenly distributed in the bearing rings and can be rotated properly.

The cage has stamped steel wave type, stamped steel rivet type, nylon or phenolic plastic.

QIBR offers a wide range of advice and options depending on the operating conditions.


In order to prevent contaminants from entering the inside of the bearing, QIBR uses a metal dust cover or a rubber seal with a metal skeleton.

QIBR are able to choose two types as a combination seals according to your working conditions, or choose different kinds of seal materials, such as nitrile rubber BUNA, acrylic rubber HYCAR, fluoro rubber VITON.

Type of lubrication

Lubricating oil is the basic lubricant for ball bearings. Previously most of the lubricating oil was extracted from petroleum. Synthetic oils are now acceptable due to improved performance, such as two lipid synthetic oils, silicones and fluorocarbon synthetic oils. In general, lipid synthetic oils have better low temperature properties, lower volatility, and better temperature characteristics and viscosity compared than petroleum refined oils. Essentially all lubricants contain additives to inhibit chemical changes, prevent metal corrosion, and improve physical properties (antifoam, etc.).

The silicone and fluorocarbon synthetic oils that adopted by QIBR have lower volatility and wider temperature/viscosity characteristics.

Radial clearance

The radial clearance is the gap between the steel ball and the ring. QIBR is precisely tailored to customer's temperature conditions, interference fit, misalignment of the bearing's axis, required noise level and speed.

Service life and the rated load

The bearing life is the number of bearing rotations before the fatigue occurs on the ring or any rolling element (or the rotation time at a constant speed). However, the same set of bearings will not necessarily have the same life under the same conditions. In this case, the rated life is the number of rotations that 90% of the bearings in this group can reach or exceed before bearing weariness (or the rotation time at a constant speed). The service life of QIBR series bearings are 10%-20% longer than other bearings of the same model, through strict production process, high standard material selection, precision control.

The adopted steel balls

The steel balls in the deep groove ball bearings used by QIBR are mainly designed according to the load requirements of the bearing. The bearing ball sizes of different models are different, generally the value of rib coefficient Kd (ditch depth) range 0.35-0.40. , related to bearing diameter, such as 6000 series Kd = 0.35, 6400 series Kd = 0.40; 6200 and 6300 series, d ≤ 25mm take Kd = 0.35, d > 25mm take Kd = 0.40. Groove depth = Kd × steel ball diameter.

Bearing steel ball material comparison table
GB (China) Gcr15 GCr15SiMn
ASTM/AISI (USA) 52100 *
ГОСТ(Russia) ШX15 ШX15CГ
BS (UK) 534A99 *
JIS (Japan) SUJ2 SUJ3
NF (France) 100C6 100CrMn6
VDEh (Germany) 100Cr6 (1.3505) 1.352
Grade of rollers G3, G5, G10, G16, G20, G24, G28, G40, G60, G100, G200

Single row angular contact ball bearing

Double row angular contact ball bearing

Paired mounting angular contact ball bearings

Because single-row angular contact ball bearings can only withstand axial loads in one direction, more occasions in life are used in pairs with single row angular contact ball bearings, or triple, quadruple or even multiple combinations. There are three types of commonly used QIBR angle ball bearings, back-to-back, face-to-face, and tandem arrangement. As shown below

Tandem arrangement angular contact ball bearing

Back-to-back combination angular contact ball bearing

Face-to-face combination angular contact ball bearing

Tandem arrangement: The radial and axial loads are equally shared by the two bearings, and the bearing can only withstand the axial load from one direction, just have stronger axial load capacity compared with a single bearing.

Back-to-back combination: The intersection point of the pressure lines of two single row bearings with axis line is on the outer side of bearing, the distance between the pressure points is increased, with strong rigidity, and are able to withstand the overturning moment and axial force from two directions, the effect is similar to one double row angular contact ball bearing.

Face-to-face combination: The intersection point of the pressure lines of two single row bearings with axis line is on the inner side of bearing, the rigidity is low. It is not suitable to withstanding the overturning moment, but can withstand the axial force in two directions. This form is generally recommended.

Bearings that can be mounted in a matched combination require high precision manufacturing of the bearings, paired bearings and double row angular contact ball bearing code 0.

Single row angular contact ball bearings code 7

The classification of non-standard angular contact ball bearings

QIBR are able to provide sealed angular contact ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings with snap grooves on the outer ring, etc. QIBR can make new design for customized bearings according to customer need, such as the bearings with irregular contact angle. As shown below.

Angular contact ball bearings are classified into general dust cap seals, non-contact rubber seals and contact rubber seals. Usually, the sealed bearings are filled with grease lubricant. The amount of grease is 25% to 40% of the effective space of the bearing. If there are special requirements, we can make corresponding adjustments.

Sealed angular contact ball bearing

Outer ring with snap groove angular contact ball bearing

Bearing Standard
Bearing Precision Grade
GOST Grade 0 Grade 6 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 2
ISO P0 P6 P5 P4 P2

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