The externally toothed three-row roller slewing bearing is specifically engineered for heavy machinery applications that demand larger diameters and robust performance. This bearing design optimizes load distribution and ensures precise rotational control, making it ideal for cranes, excavators, and other industrial equipment operating under extreme conditions. With its external teeth configuration, this bearing facilitates efficient power transmission and seamless integration with gear systems, enhancing overall reliability and operational efficiency. It is designed to withstand high axial and radial loads, providing stability and durability in demanding environments. Whether used in construction, mining, or offshore industries, the three-row roller slewing bearing delivers superior performance, ensuring smooth and reliable operation even under the most challenging circumstances.

NO. Product Product Number Outer Diameter (D) Inner Diameter (d) Overall Width (H) Center Circle Diameter-Outer Ring (D1) Center Circle Diameter-Inner Ring (D2) Gear Type

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