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Rolling Bearing Precision Level Selection


Rolling bearing precision level selection
The precision level of rolling bearings should be selected in accordance with the mechanical accuracy. To improve the rotation accuracy of the machine and reduce vibration and noise, it should not only rely on increasing the bearing tolerance level. It is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturing accuracy, manufacturing quality and assembly quality of the matching parts. The bearing price double raised according to different bearing precision levels, so it is very important to select the bearing precision level reasonably.
All kinds of bearings have P0 level, which are the most widely used. For most machinery, bearings with P0 tolerance class could meet the requirement. When there is a high requirement for rotation accuracy, higher-grade bearings or bearings with special tolerance grades should be selected, such as those used in machine tool spindles, precision machinery and instrument lights. For high-speed rotating shafts, high-tolerance bearings should also be selected.

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