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Is it possible to repair bearing?


Installation has a great impact on bearing life. It requires good concentricity and sealing to prevent dust, water and particles entering into the bearing. What’s, Proper radial clearance is also essential.

When foreign matter entered card steel, cold rolled steel, it will cause 10 or dozens of times impact force. Therefore, standardized cooperation, eliminate card steel phenomenon are the way to avoid early fatigue damage of bearing.

If operating temperature exceeds 120 degree, roller and raceway temperature will be higher that it, it almost up to 150 degree. Bearing hardness and dimension accuracy will be great reduced. Poor lubrication will cause excessive friction. Bearing will be damaged due to temperature rise.

Bearing Repair
In fact, most of bearings could be restored the performance through professional repair.

The core repair technology of bearing is to remove the fatigue layer, take place of roller or other functional parts which were definitely damaged. Repaired bearing can have the same performance as new one.

Which bearings can be repaired?
In term of bearing size, bearings might be repairable with inner diameter 300 or more. Diameter less than 300mm can be also repaired. But the method of repair depends on the economy of repair.

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