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How to judge the quality of the bearing and how to clean the bearing?


Good bearings usually have these characteristics: uniform density, round shape, low thermal deformation, and high strength. The bearings of advanced equipment are mostly made of aluminum alloy. This kind of bearing looks beautiful, but also very delicate. To keep the appearance of the bearing beautiful, in addition to being extra careful to prevent accidental damage to the bearing during operation, it is also necessary to maintain and maintain the bearing regularly.

Generally speaking, it is better for the equipment owner to clean the bearings every week. Two methods are more convenient. The first is to wash away the sand particles attached to the bearing surface and the dirt that is easy to damage the bearing. Otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be corroded and damaged. The second is to treat the inner and outer surfaces of the bearing with an acid-proof cleaner. It is better to wax the bearing once every 2 months to extend the life of the bearing.

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