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How to check vehicle hub bearing



Vehicle hub bearings are important parts for automobiles. It is responsible for reducing the frictional resistance during the operation of the chassis and maintaining the normal driving of the

car. If the vehicle hub bearing is faulty, it may cause noise, bearing heat, etc., especially the front wheel, which may lead to dangerous phenomena such as out of control.Therefore, the vehicle hub bearings must be maintained on schedule.

  2. 1.First, set up the axle and mount the vehicle with tools such as bench and timber.
  4. 2.Turn the wheels by hand to see if they are running smoothly and abnormal noise.
  6. 3.Brake check. Usually when inspecting the hub bearing, check the wheel brake device. If there is oil on the inside of the tire, it may be caused by oil leakage from the brake cylinder or brake
  8. hose. The cause should be checked and eliminated.


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