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Fill Proper Amount of Grease


First of all, determine the reasonable amount of grease.
The grease amount of the bearing can refer to this formula: G = 0.005 DB where: G = grease weight, grams D = bearing outer diameter, mm B = bearing width, mm
Or G = 0.114 DB
Here, D and B use inch (inch) units.
In addition to knowing the amount of grease added, certain methods can also help prevent excessive grease.
When adding grease, if you feel the addition is difficult, the addition is blocked, or you start to feel a large reaction force, you should stop adding.
Besides, grease outlet should be kept unobstructed to prevent blocking pores.
If necessary, using some small accessories can also play a very convenient effect, such as grease gun pressure gauge, grease nipple with pressure relief function and so on.
What’s more, adding grease slowly, too fast can easily cause sealing problems, and it is also not conducive to the uniform distribution of grease in the bearing.

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