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Factors should be considered when choosing a suitable bearing


1. Loading Capacity
 The capacity, direction and property of the load are the main basis for selecting the bearing type.
1) When selecting the bearing type according to the load capacity, since the main components in the roller bearing are line contacted, it is suitable to bearing a large load and the small deformation generated . Ball bearings are mainly point contacted and should be used to withstand small or medium loads. Therefore, ball bearings should be preferred when small loads is required.
2) When choosing according to the direction of loading, to purely axial loads, thrust bearing is the choice. To small purely axial loading, thrust ball bearing is better, otherwise, thrust roller bearing is a good choice.
To purely radial loads, deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, and needle bearing are choices. 
When mainly radial load and together with small axial loads required, deep groove ball bearing or angular contact ball bearing with small angular contacted or taper roller bearing are choices.
While mainly axial loading are needed, angular contact ball bearing with large angular contacted or taper roller bearing, or a bearing with structure compared with radial bearing and thrust bearing could be chose.

2. Rotating Speed
Under normal rotating speed, it will not affect the choice of the bearing type, only when a very high rotating speed is needed, it affects. 
1) Ball bearing compared with roller bearing, ball bearing is better for high rotating speed.
2) When inner diameter is the same, outer diameter is smaller, is more suitable for high rotating speed.
3) Solid cage is available for higher rotating speed than pressed cage.
4) The upper limit rotating speed of all  thrust bearing is small.

3. Self-aligning property
When the center line of the axis and housing do not coincide with a angle error, or because of the axial force a bent or inclined caused, the axis lean will caused between the inner and outer rings , at this time, Self-aligning ball bearings or spherical roller bearings will be a good choice.

4. Installation and disassemble Easy for handling, it is also a factor need to be considered during bearing choice.

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