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Detailed introduction of heating installation of rolling bearings


The correct installation of the bearing plays a vital role in the service life of the bearing.

In the installation, the process of heating the inner ring of the bearing on the bearing block of the rotating shaft is usually used for installation, which is the so-called bearing heating installation, especially when installing large bearings, if it is not heated, it is very difficult to install. Difficult to complete the installation.

Commonly used methods of bearing heating are:

1. Bearing heating - electric hot plate heating method

2. Bearing heating - electric furnace heating method

3. Bearing heating - induction heating method

4. Bearing heating - light bulb heating method

5. Bearing heating - oil tank heating method

The main points of bearing heating installation method:

1. The heating temperature of the bearing should be well controlled. If the temperature is too high, the bearing may be damaged. If the temperature is too low, the expansion of the ring may be insufficient, resulting in insignificant effect. The amount of thermal expansion of the inner diameter of the inner ring obtained at a heating temperature of 80 to 100 °C is sufficient for bearings with general interference. 

2. Once the required heating temperature is reached, the bearing installation should be carried out as soon as possible, so as to avoid the installation difficulty due to the cooling of the bearing. 

3. When the bearing is cooled, it will also shrink in the width direction, so a certain pressure should be applied to compress the shoulder of the inner ring during installation, and a very thin feeler gauge should be used after the bearing is cooled. Simple inspection also depends on whether there is a gap between the end face of the inner ring and the shaft shoulder, etc.

All in all, the movement is required to be skillful, quick and accurate when installing the bearing.

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