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Allowable Operating Temperatures for Various Types of Bearings


Common bearings are divided into many types, according to various materials. It is recommended to list the model you need so that it is easy to give accurate quotation.


For example,

The allowable working temperature of Y-bearing mainly depends on the materials of the bearings, cages, seals, and types of lubricating grease.


The allowable operating temperature range is as follows:

  • Standard bearing: -20 to +110 degrees Celsius
  • Standard bearings containing food grade grease (NTH and NTR grease): -45 to +120 degrees Celsius
  • Standard bearings in stamped steel housings with RIS inserts: -20 to +100 degrees Celsius
  • Suitable for bearings in high temperature environments, VA201 series: -40 to +250 degrees Celsius
  • Bearings suitable for high temperature environments, VA228 series: -150 to +350 degrees Celsius.

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