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The Major Performance Factors of Bearing

1. HardnessHardness is one of the important parameters of bearing quality, which has a direct impact on contact fatigue strength, wear resistance and elastic limit. The hardness of the bearing in use should generally reach HRC61 ~ 65, so the bearing can obtain higher contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.2. Anti-corrosion PerformanceIn order to prevent bearing parts and finished products from being corroded and rusted during processing and storage, the bearings should have good anti-rust p…


Sound of Normal operating bearings

Sound of Normal operating bearings1. Low buzz sound when bearings under good operating state. Otherwise, it will sound sharp hissing, squeaking, or other irregular sound. Improper lubrication may cause this situation. Plus, improper bearing clearance can also make the same.2. Dent on the outer ring race may lead to the vibration and make the smooth and clear sound.3. It shows the rolling piece might be damaged when intermittent noise occurs. When the damaged surface being crushed, it will make th…


The reason why the bearing temperature is too high

The reason why the bearing temperature is too high1. Poor lubricationLubrication has an important influence on the service life of the bearing, friction, wear and vibration, etc. Good lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. About 40% of bearing damage is related to poor bearing lubrication.The role of lubrication for bearings mainly includes:1) Prevent metal corrosion2) Exclude foreign materials, play a sealing role3) Discharge friction heat…


What are the effects of cleanliness on bearings?

1. The Impact on the Service Life of BearingsClean degree of bearings has a great influence on their service life. Experiments show that the higher the clean degree of bearings, the longer their service life. Therefore, improving the clean degree of bearings can prolong their service life.2. The Impact on Vibration and Noise of bearings (1) Influence on Bearing VibrationCleanliness affects the level of bearing vibration. Especially in high frequency band. Usually, bearings with high cleanliness h…


Advantage of Ceramic Bearing

1.High-speed: Ceramic bearings have the advantages of cold resistance, low elasticity, high pressure resistance, poor thermal conductivity, light weight, and low friction coefficient. They can be used in high-speed spindles and other high-precision equipment from 12,000 to 75,000 rpm.2.High temperature resistance: The ceramic bearing material itself has a high temperature resistance of 1200 degree, and a good self-lubrication. No expansion will be caused due to temperature differences between 100…


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