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Rolling Bearing Precision Level Selection

Rolling bearing precision level selectionThe precision level of rolling bearings should be selected in accordance with the mechanical accuracy. To improve the rotation accuracy of the machine and reduce vibration and noise, it should not only rely on increasing the bearing tolerance level. It is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturing accuracy, manufacturing quality and assembly quality of the matching parts. The bearing price double raised according to different bearing precision levels,…


Is it possible to repair bearing?

Installation has a great impact on bearing life. It requires good concentricity and sealing to prevent dust, water and particles entering into the bearing. What’s, Proper radial clearance is also essential.When foreign matter entered card steel, cold rolled steel, it will cause 10 or dozens of times impact force. Therefore, standardized cooperation, eliminate card steel phenomenon are the way to avoid early fatigue damage of bearing.If operating temperature exceeds 120 degree, roller an…


Technical Standards of Bearing Steel

The production of bearing steel mainly implements the GB/T18254-2002 standard and Laiwu Steel GCr15JD quality agreement adapted to the requirements of precision forged bearing users. The quality requirements of the GCr15JD agreement are stricter than the GB/T18254-2002 standard, and the GCr15JD requires oxygen content ≤10ppm and central segregation level ≤1.0 grade, composition control, sizing and size deviation are all stricter than GB/T18254-2002 standard.Bearings are subjected to…


Clearance adjustment for rolling bearings

Clearance adjustment for rolling bearingsClearance of some rolling bearings can be adjusted, like Angular contact ball bearing, tapered roller bearing and thrust ball bearings and thrust rollers bearings.There are many method to adjust clearance. Such as Gasket adjustment method, Nut adjustment method, Screw cover adjustment method and Inner jacket adjustment method.Following case is the clearance adjustment experience for tapered roller bearing1.Put the transmission shaft flat,make bearing inner…


Smearing anti-rust oil on bearing to prevent rust

Bearing corrosion is commonly in operation process. Following are some method to prevent bearing corrosion.1. Immersion method.Some small bearings could be immersed in anti-rust grease. Thickness of oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease. Making the bearing surface adhere to a layer of anti-rust grease to achieve anti-rust effect.2. Brush coating methodSpreading on the bearing surface evenly, do not pile up, but also pay attention to prevent l…


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