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Reminder of QIBR Partners China Bearing Counterfeit Product Announcement

Dear QIBR partners,QIBR, being a domestic famous bearing brand, we started to explore oversea market since 2002, aiming to sell high-end and high-quality bearings made in China to all over the world. Providing QIBRs global partners with more competitive products to their customers, and increasing the profits of partners.In the past 17 year, our products are mainly being distributed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Mexico, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and th…


How to store bearings properly?

1.The original packaging of the bearing should be maintained, and do not open it arbitrarily. If you found the packaging is damaged, opened it and carefully cleaned the bearing. Meanwhile, greasing the bearing again and repackaged.2.The relative humidity of the storage room should not exceed 60 percent, the temperature difference should not be too large, so that the bearing with original package can be stored for many years.3.The storage room should be protected from vibration and shaking. Bearin…


Factors should be considered when choosing a suitable bearing

1. Loading Capacity The capacity, direction and property of the load are the main basis for selecting the bearing type.1) When selecting the bearing type according to the load capacity, since the main components in the roller bearing are line contacted, it is suitable to bearing a large load and the small deformation generated . Ball bearings are mainly point contacted and should be used to withstand small or medium loads. Therefore, ball bearings should be preferred when small loads is required.…


QIBR Commercial & Operation Director Mr Chen Yan Interviewed by LYTV

As a Named Distinguished Youth of Luoyang city, our commercial & Operation Director Mr.Chen was interviewed by a reporter of LUOYANG TV (LYTV) station. At first, Mr.Chen talked his experience of learning in Russia for 8 years, at where he found the homeland is a powerful support to whom stayed in abroad. And he found there are many “made-in-China” productions while his living in Russia, as a Chinese, he is proud of it. When he was a child, his father always told him how US…


Overview of automobile bearings

Here we would like to share with you the types of automobile bearings. According to different usage and function, the bearing automobiles are classified into 4 types, engine bearing, transmission bearing, steering bearing and Air-conditioner bearing. Following are details.1. Engine Bearinggenerator bearing, pump bearing, Ventilator bearing, tensioner pulley bearings, turbocharger bearing2. transmission bearingclutch release bearing,Transmission bearing, drive shaft bearing, cross spider -needle b…


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