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First Delivery of 2020 Marks Our Newly Start After Chinese New Year

On this Monday, February 24,2020, finally our local transportation service resumed, we delivered several orders out immediately.In order to fight against the new coronavirus together with our customers, we offer all of our customers with three months of free storage period if they are not ready to import the bearings at the time.QIBR stands with all customers from bottom of heart to overcome the difficulties together.We strongly believe the new coronavirus will be defeated overall soon with effor…


What are the effects of cleanliness on bearings?

1. The Impact on the Service Life of BearingsClean degree of bearings has a great influence on their service life. Experiments show that the higher the clean degree of bearings, the longer their service life. Therefore, improving the clean degree of bearings can prolong their service life.2. The Impact on Vibration and Noise of bearings (1) Influence on Bearing VibrationCleanliness affects the level of bearing vibration. Especially in high frequency band. Usually, bearings with high cleanliness h…


Advantage of Ceramic Bearing

1.High-speed: Ceramic bearings have the advantages of cold resistance, low elasticity, high pressure resistance, poor thermal conductivity, light weight, and low friction coefficient. They can be used in high-speed spindles and other high-precision equipment from 12,000 to 75,000 rpm.2.High temperature resistance: The ceramic bearing material itself has a high temperature resistance of 1200 degree, and a good self-lubrication. No expansion will be caused due to temperature differences between 100…


QIBR Bearing donated 10000 yuan to Fight Against New Coronavirus Pneumonia NCP

Recently, the task of defending the new coronavirus epidemic area in Hubei is still very difficult. The number of infected cases and suspected cases is increasing every day. In particular, there is a serious shortage of supplies such as medical protective supplies and special equipment in the epidemic area. These circumstances deeply affect the hearts of the Chinese people, and also deeply affect the hearts of every QIBR person. We are encouraged by the establishment of multiple medical teams acr…


How to improve the performance of motor bearings during production

Bearings are important selection components in motors. If the performance of bearings can be improved during the production process, the performance of motors can be improved at the same time. I hope that the following introductions will help you understand the countermeasures for improving the performance of motor bearings.Motor bearing, is a special type of bearing specially used in motors . The bearing used in the motor is a part that supports the shaft. It can guide the rotation of the shaft …


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