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Precautions for using forklift bearings

Precautions for using forklift bearings1.Keep forklift bearings and the surroundings clean. Because even if tiny dust,it will increase the wear of the bearings.2.When installing forklift bearing, it is not allowed to punch it with strong force or knock the bearing directly with hammer.3.Try to use special tools and try to avoid using cloth and staple fiber.4.When taking forklift bearings directly by hand,we recommend that you wash your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation.


How to judge the quality of the bearing and how to clean the bearing?

Good bearings usually have these characteristics: uniform density, round shape, low thermal deformation, and high strength. The bearings of advanced equipment are mostly made of aluminum alloy. This kind of bearing looks beautiful, but also very delicate. To keep the appearance of the bearing beautiful, in addition to being extra careful to prevent accidental damage to the bearing during operation, it is also necessary to maintain and maintain the bearing regularly.Generally speaking, it is bette…


Installation Method of Deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearing installation method 1: press fitWhen the inner ring of the bearing fits tightly with the shaft, and the outer ring fits loosely with the bearing seat hole, a press machine can be used to press the bearing onto the shaft first, and then the shaft and the bearing together into the bearing seat hole. During the pressing, on the end face of the inner ring of the bearing, an assembly sleeve made of soft metal materials (copper or mild steel) is mounted.Bearing outer ring and b…


What are the Applications of Crossed Roller Bearing?

The Crossed roller bearing is also called the slewing bearing, which is an important transmission component that can realize relative slewing motion, which is called the joint of the machine.With the widespread use of various machinery and equipment in our country, slewing bearing is an indispensable part of the equipment, which is widely used in: jacks, excavators, filling machines, marine instruments, radar antennas, missile launchers, tanks, Robots and revolving restaurants.Construction machin…


Allowable Operating Temperatures for Various Types of Bearings

Common bearings are divided into many types, according to various materials. It is recommended to list the model you need so that it is easy to give accurate quotation. For example,The allowable working temperature of Y-bearing mainly depends on the materials of the bearings, cages, seals, and types of lubricating grease. The allowable operating temperature range is as follows:Standard bearing: -20 to +110 degrees CelsiusStandard bearings containing food grade grease (NTH and NTR grease): -45 to …


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