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Structure and performance characteristics of double row tapered roller bearings :

Double row tapered roller bearings have many structures, the largest one is 35000 type, there is a double raceway outer ring and two inner rings, and there is a between two inner rings. The spacer can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the spacer. These bearings can withstand radial loads while being able to withstand biaxial axial loads, limiting axial displacement of the shaft and housing over the axial clearance of the bearing.This article from QIBR official website, for reproduced, plea…


Oil-free bearing assembly and disassembly

The size of the force should be smooth and uniform, and it is not suitable for impact. This requires the use of oil pressure or a tool that can apply a smooth pulling force or pressure. When it is necessary to use hammering, it must also pass through a soft sleeve such as a copper sleeve. Buffering, the tapping force may be gentle.This article is from QIBR official website reproduced please indicate!


High quality machine tool bearings

The accuracy of the bearing used on the machine tool spindle should be ISOP5 or above (P5 or P4 is the ISO accuracy level, usually from low to high (P0, P6, P5, P4, P2), and for high speed CNC machine tools, machining centers, etc. For high-precision machine tool spindle bearings, ISOP4 or higher accuracy is required. Spindle bearings include angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings.This article is from QIBR official website reproduced p…


Crankshaft repair

Cylinders with a journal diameter of 80 mm or less and a cylindricality error of more than 0.025 mm, or a roundness with a diameter of 80 mm or more and a cylindricity error of more than 0.040 mm shall be ground according to the specified size (repair size). When the journal wear is severe and the repair effect cannot be achieved by the repair method, it should be repaired by coating technology and then ground to the specified size or repair size. This article is from QIBR official website www.qi…


Effect of Electrical Corrosion on Insulated Bearings

Whenever current passes through the insulated rolling bearing for the motor, it may cause damage to the reliability of the equipment. Electro-corrosion will damage the bearing of the traction motor, motor and generator and reduce its performance. QIBRs new generation of insulated bearings greatly improve the performance standards. !This article is from QIBR official website reproduced please indicate!


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