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Crankshaft repair

Cylinders with a journal diameter of 80 mm or less and a cylindricality error of more than 0.025 mm, or a roundness with a diameter of 80 mm or more and a cylindricity error of more than 0.040 mm shall be ground according to the specified size (repair size). When the journal wear is severe and the repair effect cannot be achieved by the repair method, it should be repaired by coating technology and then ground to the specified size or repair size. This article is from QIBR official website www.qi…


Effect of Electrical Corrosion on Insulated Bearings

Whenever current passes through the insulated rolling bearing for the motor, it may cause damage to the reliability of the equipment. Electro-corrosion will damage the bearing of the traction motor, motor and generator and reduce its performance. QIBRs new generation of insulated bearings greatly improve the performance standards. !This article is from QIBR official website reproduced please indicate!


machine tool spindle bearing material

With the continuous improvement of the requirements of the spindle speed of the machine tool spindle, on the one hand, the internal structural design of the bearing is improved, and on the other hand, the new bearing material is developed. At present, hybrid ceramic ball bearings made of silicon nitride ceramic as rolling elements have been widely used in the field of high speed machine tools.This article from QIBR official website, for reproduced, please specify from this website!


Effect of heat treatment on bearings

1.The quality of heat treatment directly affects the life of the bearing.If the heat treatment temperature is too high, that will result in coarse grains and quench cracks. on the contrary,If the quenching temperature is too low, the hardness of the bearing will be slightly reduced. 2.If the tempering temperature is too high, the hardness will decrease and the stress relief will be better.The tempering temperature is too low, the hardness of the material is high, but the stress is difficult to re…


Bearing steel metallurgy defects

The microscopic defects of steel include various non-metallic inclusions, carbon segregation, carbide network and ribbon, and annealed tissue unevenness in the steel that can be found under the optical microscope. Including pits, cracks, folds, cracks, scratches, crusting and slag inclusions found on the surface appearance inspection, as well as shrinkage holes, subcutaneous bubbles, white spots, over-burning, central looseness, general Loose and segregation, surface decarburization, etc. These a…


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