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How to choose bearing model?

Different rolling bearings have different characteristics and are suitable for various application conditions of various mechanical equipment. The selection staff should choose the appropriate bearing model from different bearing manufacturers and many bearing types.1. Select the bearing model according to the area and position of the mechanical equipment occupied by the bearing;We generally use ball bearings for small shafts, and roller bearings for large shafts.2. Select the bearing model accor…


Bearing selection methods

The market requirements for various mechanical devices and instruments using rolling bearings are becoming increasingly stringent, and the conditions and performance required for bearings are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to select the most suitable bearing from a large number of structures and sizes, it is necessary to study them from various angles. When choosing a bearing, generally, consider the arrangement of the bearing as a shaft system, the ease of installation and dismantling, …


How to choose the type of bearing?

When carrying out mechanical design, it is generally necessary to determine the size of the shaft that meets the necessary strength, and then select the bearing on this basis.When mainly bearing radial load, choose radial bearing; when mainly bearing axial load, choose axial bearing(Axial load is also called thrust load).When the load on the bearing is small, choose a ball bearing; when the load is large, choose a roller bearing.When a bearing bears radial load and axial load at the same time (co…


Character of cotton fibre reinforced PHENOLIC

Good dimensional stability: Compared with general engineering plastics, the linear expansion coefficient of phenolic interlayer is about 1/2 lower, and its water absorption is also smaller than that of nylon.Higher temperature resistance: Compared with common engineering plastics, phenolic interlayer has higher thermochemical stability and thermomechanical stability.Good grinding smoothness: Compared with bronze, phenolic interlayer has a lower hardness, good wear resistance, easy to break-in, an…


How to prevent bearing from rust?

How to prevent bearing from rust?Surface cleaning methodCleaning must be based on the nature of the bearing and the conditions. Generally,there are solvent cleaning method, chemical treatment cleaning method and mechanical cleaning method. Anti-rust Oil methodSoaking method.For some small bearings,we can immerse them in anti-rust grease to adhere a layer of anti-rust grease.Brushing method: For large bearings which are not suitable for soaking or spraying, it is necessary to avoid stock the bear…


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