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Allowable Operating Temperatures for Various Types of Bearings

Common bearings are divided into many types, according to various materials. It is recommended to list the model you need so that it is easy to give accurate quotation. For example,The allowable working temperature of Y-bearing mainly depends on the materials of the bearings, cages, seals, and types of lubricating grease. The allowable operating temperature range is as follows:Standard bearing: -20 to +110 degrees CelsiusStandard bearings containing food grade grease (NTH and NTR grease): -45 to …


Fill Proper Amount of Grease

First of all, determine the reasonable amount of grease.The grease amount of the bearing can refer to this formula: G = 0.005 DB where: G = grease weight, grams D = bearing outer diameter, mm B = bearing width, mmOr G = 0.114 DBHere, D and B use inch (inch) units.In addition to knowing the amount of grease added, certain methods can also help prevent excessive grease.When adding grease, if you feel the addition is difficult, the addition is blocked, or you start to feel a large reaction force, yo…


New year holiday arrangement

As the New Year is approaching, our holiday arrangements are as follow:Our normal business hours will be in operation until the 31th of December 2020 and resume on the 4 th of January 2021.During this time, if any inquiry, please send email to, or leave your contact details, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Principle of Bearing Replacement and Grease Filling

1. Commonly, bearing inner space should not be fulfilled with grease. Usually, it would be better to install 1/2 or 3/4 in the whole space bearing cavity.2. Filling with 2/3 to 3/4 of the inner cavity space for axial bearing ;3. Filling with 1/2 (upper) and 3/4 (lower)space for radial installed bearing;4. In easily-polluted environment, fulfill with grease in the entire space for low speed or medium speed bearings.For high-speed bearings, put the bearings in high-quality lubricating oil before l…


Causes of Needle Roller Bearing Failure

Generally speaking, 33.3% of needle roller bearings are damaged due to fatigue damage, 33.3% of needle roller bearings are due to poor lubrication, and 33.3% are due to pollutants entering the bearing or improper equipment disposal. Dust cleans the bearing and the surrounding environment. The fine dust invisible to the naked eye is a powerful killer of the bearing, which can increase the wear, vibration and noise of the bearing. Stamping forms strong stamping when using equipment, which is very…


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